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Are you benefiting from hair brushing?

Hair brushing benefits. Let’s go!

- Brushing stimulates blood flow which promotes a healthy scalp and improves hair health & growth.

- It distributes natural hair oils down the whole hair strand improving hair nourishment and strength.

- It assists in removing trapped hair from your scalp. Did you know that we shed between 50-100 strands of hair daily?! If you're concerned about the amount of hair you lose , it's worth noting that some of it can get trapped if we don’t brush, adding to what goes down the drain. Also, if you have long hair, it may seem like you lose more than you do, due to the length. So try not to fret, as stress adds to hair loss.

How to brush your hair with care?

- When? Brush your hair every evening before bed to achieve lushes locks!

- HOW To:

Dry hair: starting at the midlengths of your hair, gently brush towards the ends. Move in small sections towards the top of the head, ensuring the hair is smooth and detangled before heading to the next section. Follow by applying a hair oil to the mid-lengths and ends for hydration and to tame fluffiness. My go to: Davines Oi Oil or Bhave Riot Control (link in shop).

Wet hair: Be mindful that wet hair is more fragile and prone to breakage. Reduce damage by using a strengthening shampoo and hydrating conditioner. My go to: Wellbeing Shampoo and Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner (link in bio). Using a wide tooth comb, gently brush the hair, from your the mid-lengths to ends, again working up the head. If you notice resistance when combing, use a detangling leave-in treatment. My go to: DEDE Hair Mist (link in shop).

Let’s brush up on what brush is best?

- Boar Bristle Brush: When I was 7, my Mum gave me a Mason and Pierson brush, which became one of my first loves. I loved how it made my hair look like my dolls' soft locks. Boar bristle brushes are gentle and suitable for all hair types, but work best for wavy or curly hair. They help distribute natural oils evenly, massage the scalp gently, and don't cause damage to your hair.

- Paddle Brush: This brush works well for all hair types, especially for untangling dry hair. Tip: Look for one with firm but flexible bristles that gently bend with the curves of your head.

- Wide-Tooth Comb: An essential to have in your kit, this comb is perfect for detangling wet hair and preserving curl patterns in wavy/curly hair. Once my hair is towel dried after washing it, I use this comb to lightly comb my hair and place my parting.

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