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Power of positive mindset

Whilst most of us don't admit it, our brain is hardwired to believe what we tell it. If you were to tell your body to move your right leg, you wouldn't be surprised if it did. So why are we surprised when we feed ourselves doubts of self-confidence or "cants" instead of "cans," and we believe it, or worse of all, we believe it as truth? Growing up, my mum, Nicky, called it the monkey mind, and putting a name to it often made me have little fights in my head with an actual monkey, ha! But sure enough, like every young girl, she would see me mulling over thoughts that I wasn't good enough. She would sit me down, ask me what was wrong, and together we would replace ‘I’m not cool enough to hang out with those girls’ with ‘I am loved and worthy of beautiful friendships.’ We would say it over and over again until I believed it.

As I entered adulthood, I had no idea of the gravity of what my mother had taught me. When I found myself managing our own business at the age of 18, I had the confidence to present myself to the world and to people who questioned my abilities or deserving. Maybe I didn’t know everything, and I’m certain that I still don’t, but how can you attract the job, hobbies, people, connections, and success into your life if you don't have the confidence to start?

So start. Replace "I can’t" with "I can," or "I’m not" with "I am." Once you begin, you will start putting yourself in situations to achieve your goals without even knowing it.

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