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Stop, refresh, recharge

Let's talk about balance - or should I say, the elusive quest for it. If you're anything like me, you know the drill: it's either full speed ahead or crashing into burnout territory. I often look at it as striking whilst the iron is hot, but are we stopping to reflect on how this is affecting our bodies?

So, how do we avoid this cycle? Adding a bit more balance in your life is key!

Here are a few tips that help me feel rested even when life is demanding or time poor:

Morning walks

It is found that even walking ten minutes before entering work or starting your day boosts your mood dramatically, bonus points if you are able to connect to nature in this time. I enjoy the balmoral stairs walk.

Wake up slow

Drinking tea or glass of water on my couch, away from my bedroom or phone without distractions. I allow myself to gently wake up to somehow tell myself I have control over my own ‘me time’. I often tell myself that the cup of herbal tea or lemon water is nourishing my body as I drink it, almost like an act of self love.

Write it down 

We often get swept up in the never ending todo list in our minds, constantly reminding ourselves to send out that email or get that deadline met. When we are  under pressure we  think that achieving the things that nourish  us is impossible, and I dont know about you but I often meet that desire with ‘nope havent got time’. So I started to write it all down! That way I can see the must dos and organise my schedule making it easier to find the time to fill my own cup. Whether it be connecting with friends and family or attending that Yin class, when I visually see it in front of me rather than a jumble in my head it feels more accomplishable.

Hair masks

Maybe it is just because I am a hairdresser or because I am obsessed with my hair health, but for me putting on a hair mask after a shower for even as long as 30 mins whilst reading a book or cleaning my house rejuvenates me! I feel like I've accomplished something good for my body which keeps me motivated. You can also add face mask + body moisturizers to achieve that ‘at home spa’ experience.

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