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  • Helps restore hair that is stressed from exposure to elements such as heat styling, chemical services, and water erosion.
  • Organic actives help revive hair that is fragile and weak from chemical services; hair feels soft and smooth without being weighed down.
  • Natural anti-ageing actives help protect against free radicals.
  • Natural antioxidants help defend against color fade.
  • Natural elastic bio-polymers increase strength, resilience, and elasticity.
  • Moisturizing actives, with anti-humidity properties help to reduce frizz.
  • Vitamins and natural oil actives help restore all types of damaged hair.
  • Cell renewal complex (amino acids and vitamins) penetrates the hair cortex, fortifying the hair structure internally while providing an external protective film, which softens and protects the hair.

Miracle Renew Mask 250ml

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